Aladin plugin repository

These plugins are java codes runnable by Aladin (more info...).

They were written by Aladin users, not by the Aladin team.
You can freely use them, However, these plugins are distributed as is without any guarantee.
Please contact directly the authors for bugs, remarks,...

    Aladin repository policy:

  1. The plugin author must send the java source code to the Aladin team (cds-question [at] unistra [dot] fr).
  2. The Aladin team generates the java class files to ensure that the compiled code corresponds to the source code.
  3. The Aladin team distributes the class files AND the associated source code (allowing the users to check themselves the code integrity).
  4. We ask to the plugin developers to verify the JVM 1.4 compatibility, to use the java default package and to avoid external jar librairy requirements.

Name Author Version Compiled code Source code
Photometry tool manipulation (more...) Pierre Fernique [CDS] 1.0 - February 2021 - - required Aladin >= v11.040 PhotControlPlug.class source code
QuickViz (more...) Petremand Matthieu 1.8 - requires Aladin v7.000 QuickViz.jar source code
SSO Ephemeris Calculator (more...) Jerome Berthier [IMCCE/OBSPM/CNRS] 1.3 - May 2008 ssoEphemerisCalculator.jar source code
Equivalent Histogram (more...) S. Derriere [CDS] 0.1 - september 2007 HistogramEquiv.class source code
ESO DSS1 thumbnail image loader (more...) Pierre Fernique [CDS] 1.1 - January 2007 ImageLoaderPlug.class source code
SEDPlugin (more...) Gregory Mantelet [CDS] v2.0 - 15/06/2012 - Aladin v7.510 SEDPlugin.jar source code
Plugin tutorial
Image dump & reverse (more...) Pierre Fernique [CDS] 1.1 - January 2007 BytePixelPlug.class source code
Image calibration shift (more...) Pierre Fernique [CDS] 1.1 - January 2007 CalibrationPlug.class source code
Catalog browser (more...) Pierre Fernique [CDS] 1.0 - January 2007 CatalogBrowserPlug.class source code
Catalog creation (more...) Pierre Fernique [CDS] 1.1 - January 2007 CatalogCreationPlug.class source code
Catalog creation v2 (more...) Pierre Fernique [CDS] v2 - June 2009 - required Aladin v5.426 CatalogCreationPlugV2.class source code
Column creation (more...) Pierre Fernique [CDS] 1.0 - January 2007 CatalogManipulationPlug.class source code
Spectrum extraction from a cube (more...) Pierre Fernique [CDS] 1.1 - march 2008 CubeManipulationPlug.class source code
Graphical overlay creation (more...) Pierre Fernique [CDS] 1.0 - January 2007 GraphicCreationPlug.class source code
Image creation with a calibration (more...) Pierre Fernique [CDS] 1.0 - January 2007 ImageCreationPlug.class source code
Mouse Tracking 2 (more...) Pierre Fernique [CDS] 1.2 - march 2008 MouseTrackPlug.class source code
Image 90 rotation (more...) Pierre Fernique 2.0 - January 2007 PixelTransformPlug.class source code
Stack scanning (more...) Pierre Fernique [CDS] 1.1 - January 2007 StackScanPlug.class source code
Aperture photometry (more...) Thomas Boch 1.1 - march 2008 AperturePhotometryPlugin.jar source code
Centroid (more...) Mark Cusick 1.0 - 4, December, 2008 Centroid.class source code
X-match probability (more...) Pierre Fernique [CDS] 2.0 - January 2007 ProbabiliteIdentification.jar source code
Jlow (more...) Cyril Pestel / Thomas Boch [CDS] 1.0 - October 2007 JlowPlugin.jar source code

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