Aladin plugins

You would like that Aladin support such or such methods, algorithm.
You are not afraid for writting a short java code.
Create your own Aladin plugin !

Visit the Aladin plugin repository

Download & install an Aladin plugin

    You will proceed in 2 steps:

  1. Open the "Plugin controller" (first item int the menu "Plugins" in Aladin);

  2. Download and copy the plugin class/jar file into your dedicated Aladin plugin directory ($HOME/.aladin/Plugins) and press the "Re-load" button.

    or Drag&Drop the plugin class/jar file directly from your OS desktop (Windows) into the Aladin plugin list.

"Tutorial" examples

1) Image dump & reverse BytePixelPlug.class source code
2) Image calibration shift CalibrationPlug.class source code
3) Catalog browser CatalogBrowserPlug.class source code
4) Catalog creation CatalogCreationPlug.class source code
5) Column creation CatalogManipulationPlug.class source code
6) Spectrum extraction from a cube CubeManipulationPlug.class source code
7) Graphical overlay creation GraphicCreationPlug.class source code
8) Image creation with a calibration ImageCreationPlug.class source code
9) Mouse Tracking MouseTrackPlug.class source code
10) Image 90 rotation PixelTransformPlug.class source code
11) Stack scanning StackScanPlug.class source code

Create your own plugin

    Basic usage:

  1. Create your plugin by extending the AladinPlugin java class.
    (Aladin.jar file should be present in your CLASSPATH for the java compilation, ex: "javac -classpath Aladin.jar")
  2. Use AladinData and Obj java classes for directly accessing and manipulating the Aladin data (image pixels, catalog objects...)
    Advanced usage:

  1. For controlling Aladin, you can use its VOApp interface (see FAQ VOApp doc)
  2. To be an Aladin listener, implement VOObserver interface (see FAQ VOObserver doc)

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